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SatAM Sonic Burger King Toys

In honor of the fact that the SatAM cartoon series recently had its 20th anniversary, I’ve decided to post something super obscure. Very, very few SatAM items exist, and of the ones that do, they’re almost always related to the core protagonists. That makes these two items particularly special in my eyes.

These two pieces were produced by Burger King in 1998, presumably to go with their kids meals. As far as I know, this was only done in Europe. It surprises me that they were made so late in the 90’s, considering that SatAM ran from ‘93 to ‘95. I suppose it’s possible that they were related to Sonic Underground instead, but I don’t know enough about the series to make an assertion.

In any case, they’re 2D stands of Cluck and one of the main patrol robots in Robotropolis (screenshots provided for those not familiar with the series). Since I can’t see these items being much of a toy on their own, my hunch is that they’re mean to be literal set pieces for the action of the ‘real’ toys included with the meal. They’re kind of a bizarre choice, since fast food Sonic toys have always favored the games, but I just think that makes them all the more interesting.