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Sonic the Hedgehog Medical Scrubs Shirt & Jacket

Admit it, you wouldn’t have been worried about going to the doctor or dentist near as much if they’d been wearing this.

Released by Cherokee in 1992, these two items are made of a 50/50 polyester and cotton blend, and both feature two pockets in the front. I’m really only mentioning this for the sake of completion, however, because none of you are reading this paragraph; you’re all too busy oogling the custom artwork that was made for these garments.

Honestly, I think it’s really awesome that they went the extra mile and made special artwork specifically for these pieces. I don’t even care that some of them are just edited official art. It would’ve been really easy for them to just stick standard images all over these tops and call it a day, but they took the time to tailor the theme specifically to medicine — and they even branched out what TYPE of medicine, as these scrubs work for general care, optometry, and dentistry. And I can’t stop giggling at Sonic’s little hat in the ambulance image.

Now, the big question surrounding these two pieces is, did they make a matching pair of pants as well? I can’t give a definitive answer, but my hunch is that it’s unlikely. Whenever I’m in a department store and I see a rack of scrubs, I see lots and lots of licensed character shirts, but just solid color pants. It is possible that Sonic-themed scrub pants do exist in the world, but until I see it, I’m not going to be awake at night wondering why I don’t have them.

Posted by request for Sonic-mun. I hope this cheers you up a bit!

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