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WOW! I most certainly wasn't expecting that. Even my teacher (reading over my shoulder) was surprised. I myself have never had the opportunity to grow up with these games (the good ones, the Genesis) because I am currently thirteen years of age, however I have "discovered" eBay and I am likely to buy most games that I want with the money I have saved up (700 CAD). Any suggestions? If you would like to answer this personally, via email, feel free to ask for my email address.

I took a while to answer this one because I feel I have a really strong responsibility to you right now, since $700 is a lot of money and I don’t want to see you waste it. In a lot of ways I feel like I need more information, but for right now I’ll do the best I can.

First and foremost, no matter what your specific intents are, DO YOUR RESEARCH! I cannot emphasize this enough!! It’s really, REALLY easy to waste your money on eBay, especially if you get excited and make an impulse buy before looking for more information.

When I say do your research, here’s more specifically what I mean:

  1. Look carefully at the listing itself. Make sure it’s actually the item you’re looking for. If it matters to you not to have knock-off items, be very careful when examining the item and its tags. If there aren’t good enough photos, ask the seller for more. Read the details on what condition the item is in; MAKE SURE IT WORKS! Some sellers sell non-working items for parts, so you MUST pay attention to this! Also, if it matters to you that it be smoke-free or pet-free, ask the seller for information if they didn’t mention it.
  2. Read carefully about the shipping charges, as well as what methods of shipping are available. Sometimes it can be worth it to get something more protected and expensive, but sometimes it’s fine going cheap. You have to make that call. Also, sometimes eBay freaks out and lists wildly incorrect shipping charges on auctions; if the number seems off, e-mail the seller to ask if it’s correct, and why it costs so much if it is.
  3. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DEALING WITH OTHER CURRENCIES! Your money’s value will fluctuate drastically when you start dealing with other regions. Ebay will usually tell you how much a bid price translates to, but it’s not always right. Always Google “currency conversion” and double-check it first, especially if you’re going to put in a higher bid amount and need to be sure exactly how much that’s going to translate to.
  4. If you find an item that seems good in the listing itself, I really, really don’t recommend immediately buying or bidding. Keep it in a side tab, then search eBay specifically for THAT item and see if you can find other copies. Sometimes you can find the same item for less, or the same item bundled with other items that you’d like. Other times you might find one with a Buy-It-Now or Best Offer option as opposed to a regular auction. Compare similar auctions to see if you can get a better deal before you pounce on the first one you find. (This is a common habit for newbies, and I can tell you from experience that it’s a very tough one to break because you get so excited when you find what you’re looking for.)
  5. If there doesn’t seem to be a good deal available, it may be more in your interest not to make a purchase at all. Look into how rare or common the item is and do your best to decide whether or not it’s likely to pop up again. If you think there’s a good chance that there could be more auctions later, maybe now isn’t the best time to make your purchase. It’s perfectly fine to walk away from an auction that you feel is over-priced and wait for a lower one to turn up. However, if you feel confident that this item isn’t likely to reappear (or at least not anytime soon), maybe it’s more worth it to you to spend the extra money on it now. Think carefully about the rarity (or lack thereof) before you bid/buy.

That’s a pretty generalized set of advice that ought to be able to guide you no matter what you’re looking for. The question now is, what are you looking for?

If your specific goal is the Genesis-era games, I personally would say save your money and don’t bother getting the original copies unless you’re specifically interested in collecting the hardware. Getting originals means that you’re not only going to have to find the games, but also the console itself, as well as its necessary cables and controllers. You’ll also have to be specific about getting one suited to your region (not all games are region-free). This shouldn’t be difficult with the games themselves, as North America is all the same region, but it could be a problem with the console if Canada has different plugs from the United States (as US stuff is usually the most common listed). You’ll also have to worry more about the shipping of the console, as just one bad jostling in the mail can change a working unit into a dead unit.

The versions of the classic games that are currently available on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam are pretty much identical to the originals, with the added bonus of being able to save whenever you want. I think the original codes still work on these versions as well. If all you’re looking to do is play the games, I would really, really strongly recommend that you invest in digital copies instead of hunting down originals. It’ll save you a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, money.

However, if you do decide you want original hard copies, I would recommend making a list of exactly what you want and then prioritizing it. This will help sharpen your focus and allow you to weigh your decisions more accurately. For example, the game Knuckles’ Chaotix is very difficult to find in complete condition, but it may pop up more often as just the cartridge. Is it important that you get the box and book? If not, then you can save time and money by just getting the cartridge. As another example, you may find an auction for a single, difficult-to-find game, while also finding an auction for several easier-to-find games. Is it more important to you to get that one rare game, or to knock out several of your wishlist items in one swoop? Keeping items prioritized can help with those decisions.

I think that’s about all the advice I can give you without more detailed information. If you have any other questions, send me another note on my personal account, rather than here on my collection account, as the more detailed we get to you the less open the advice will be to others reading this. I hope this reply helped you out! Just be cautious and make sure you really want the purchase before you make it, and hunt for the best deal. That should help stretch your savings a very long way.

Hey, Sally Mun. It's me, AJ again. I was wondering if you still had any Sonic GAMES? You show your items, however the closest thing you got to an actual video game were manuals. If you still have any, mind showing the fans?


Here you go!

Unfortunately, this image is incomplete. It’s missing the Game Gear games, as I believe my GG case is somewhere in the basement at the moment. There’s also a couple other straggler games that I missed including in this just simply because I forgot, and I should mention I stuck to the electronic games (no board/card games), and I didn’t include the little ‘pocket’-type games (no Tiger games, no McDonald’s toys, etc). I also decided not to include games I have that Sonic simply cameos in, for the most part.

THIS PICTURE INCLUDES, starting in the top left corner:

  • Sonic CD (SegaCD)
  • Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)
  • Sonic Jam (Saturn)
  • Sonic R (Saturn)
  • Tails and the Music Maker (Pico)
  • Sonic’s Gameworld (Pico)
  • Sonic 1 (Genesis)
  • Sonic 2 (Genesis)
  • Sonic 3 (Genesis)
  • Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis)
  • Sonic Spinball (Genesis)
  • Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Genesis)
  • Knuckles’ Chaotix (32X)
  • Sonic Adventure DX (GC)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (GC)
  • Sonic Heroes (GC)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (GC)
  • Sonic Riders (GC)
  • Sonic Mega Collection (GC)
  • Sonic Gems (GC)
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii)
  • Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii)
  • Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Wii)
  • Sonic Unleashed (Wii)
  • Sonic Colors (Wii)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - Beijing (Wii)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - Vancouver (Wii)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - London (Wii)
  • Sonic 2006 (360)
  • Sonic Unleashed (360)
  • Sonic Generations (360)
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (360)
  • Sega Superstars Tennis (360)
  • Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection
  • Sonic Lost World (WiiU)
  • Sonic Rush (DS)
  • Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
  • Sonic Chronicles (DS)
  • Sonic Colors (DS)
  • Sonic Classic Collection (DS)
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (DS)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - Beijing (DS)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics - Vancouver (DS)
  • Sega Superstars Tennis (DS)
  • Sonic Rivals (PSP)
  • Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP)
  • Sonic & Knuckles Collection/Sonic Screensaver (PC)
  • Sonic’s Schoolhouse (PC)
  • Sonic Adventure (DC)
  • Sonic Adventure 2 (DC)
  • Sonic Shuffle (DC)
  • Sonic Advance 1/Sonic Pinball Party (GBA)
  • Sonic Advance 2 (GBA)
  • Sonic Advance 3 (GBA)
  • Sonic Battle (GBA)
  • Sega Smash Pack (GBA)
  • Sonic X episode 1 (GBA)

THIS PICTURE IS MISSING (that I can think of, anyway):

  • Wacky Worlds (Genesis)
  • Sega Superstars (PS2)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2)
  • Gamecube Demo Disc (GC)
  • Sonic Unleashed Demo Disc (360)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
  • Sonic Battle JP (GBA)
  • Sonic 1 (Game Gear)
  • Sonic & Tails/Sonic 1 JP (Game Gear)
  • Sonic 2 (Game Gear)
  • Sonic & Tails 2/Sonic 2 JP (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Spinball (Game Gear)
  • Tails’ Adventure (Game Gear)
  • Tails’ Adventure JP (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Labyrinth (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Drift (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Drift 2 (Game Gear)
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Blast (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Triple Trouble (Game Gear)
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure (NeoGeo Pocket)
  • Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed (360)

Aaaand that’s all I can think of. I may be missing something still, I’m not sure, but there you go. It seems like a lot, but considering this has been accumulated over my lifetime, it’s not usually a lot of stuff at once. I just tend not to get rid of games after I play them. There’s still plenty of games I’m missing, but for collection purposes, I think this is pretty good.


S̻̥̭̟̞̞͔̀ͦ̑͑̉̑̀͋ͣǫ͈̭͓͉̱̐̆̀͑͗̉̓͘ń̞̣̼̮̤̮̑́͞i̧̬̘̩̖̭̜̳̫ͥ̊͗̀ͨ͝͝c̷̝̟̙͙̫͙̖̰͌ͩ̿ͮ̚̚͡ ͔̼̰͙ͫ̐̽͘Ṛ̛͓̞͍̼̈̀ͯ̾̒ ̣̿ͧ͟I̻͙ͭ̑ͩ̀̿͛͡ṃ̷͍̻̻͇̲̰ͤ͗̏ͤ́͟p͈̤̣̥̰̙͈̦̿ͧ̒͂͜o͖͎̮̘̟̖̯͉͚̅̃ͧͦ̃̃̚͡r͒̓͝҉͉̪͇̣͓͈̹͓̝t̢͕̰̭͎̞̯̮ͮͧ̽͆ͤ̂͝͠ ̛͓̭̉͂͐S̞̘̐̈́́ͤ̄ͧ̊̒͡t̨͎͗̇̆ͭr̦͇͙͕̹̟ͪ͌̂ͮ͂ͬͤ̚͡a̫͙̒̍̀͋ͮ̽̊͞t̸̳̞̩̜̙̜͛ͨͨ̅ͩ̀̈́͗͡e̬̦̙̰̔͑ͭ͆͐́̔g̶̨̲̲̥̠̖͉ͯͫͩ̌̐ͯ̄̚y̌̒̏ͯ̉̂ͬ̚͏̥̞ ͙̻̮͓͓̔̂̓̿̓̂ͮ̊G̵͙͕̫͕͖͕̼̈́̽͂̅̈́͑͒̍u̩̪͈̤͍̗͔̭̜͊ͬͤ̄͂̌̿͊ĩ̶͍̖͈̐̓̓͠d͉̜͂̿̓̿ȇ̜͕̦̙̙͖̙͉̃ͦͧ͜͝
̡̢̭̥̭̯͇̉̀͋̔̂̈͝Ỉ̶̳̭̼̼̰ ͇͕̘̬͚͔̲̝̊͐ͥ́͝w̔́ͦ̆̔̅̀̋͏͍̥͈͔̭̖͔a͖̦̹̼ͬ̏͟s̴͔ͬ͗̍̿̆̒͆̚͞͠ ̟͚̳̄̆͒͐́̊ͬ̃̅ͅg̢͇̩̝̒ͪ̆͆̔̆͘͟ơ̗̫͕̙͖͚̗̐͆̀ͬi̭̘͇̝̺ͧ̏͝ǹ͚̜̿̚̚͞g̶̼̖ͧ̓͒ͦ̒͠ ̸̳̦̮̗͓̝̭̆̀ͦ̾͞͝t̷͉̭̫͇̗̠̻̿̔̒͊ͪ̌ͯǫ̝͉͓ͫ͊ͣ̓͟͟ ̨̤̬̹̤̅̽ͧ͋ͮͦͬp͕̟͔͚͙̯̙ͦ͛̑ͦ͊̂͂ő̦͚͖ͨ̃̅͗͛ͮ͆͝s̨̖͉̩̔t̞̪͓̫̏͘ ̛̰͉̥̤̣̰̇̊͊ͭͭ̏͛́͞s̢͕͔̋̆ͮ̎̎͂̆̄͟o͎͕̗̙̖͚͔͛̊͊͂ͣͫ͞m͍͔͇̗̩̭̰̅ͨ̑ͪ̅͛ͣͤͅe̩̼̹̭̗̋̔̒̉̈ͣ̿͞ ̱̤̄̄͐͆̆ͫ͟͟͟w̥̣̞͚̼̥̫ͧ̆ͩ̐ͅe̼̠̠̠̎̽̅̈́͊r̶͂͗̽͊̓ͮ͑҉̼͕̞͕͈̰́ͅě̵̱̱̣͚͇̪͆͆̄ͧ̍h̸̟̮̣͖̰̰̠̻ͪ͌͋o̭͔̜͋͗͋̚g͖͔̖̻͈̏ͦͯ͗ͥ̀͐́́͞ ̵̧͖̆͊͆̊s̴̡̖͊ͧ̃̀̐ͭ͗͆t͊͋͛͏͓͇͙̩̳̯̮ų̻̝͇̀ͦͪ͂ͩͦͩ́͝f̡͙̖͙̞̯̳̒̆̏̍ͯf̮̝̮̌̃͛ͨ͠ ̵̡͓̠͔̒̉͑f̹̙͑̋o̭͚̙̭̝͌̿́̅̑ͅr̟͖͖̭ͯ͊͋ͨ̃̅ͧ͊͗͢ͅ ̡̙̤̫͔̫̣̮͇̋̓͛ͪͅH̰̖̹̰̦̀ͤͦ͛̂ͣ̀͠a̸͔̲̭̙̪͕̍̑l̷̼̞͉̻͍̐ͫ͘l͔̪̹͙̭̳̞̇ŏ̫͕̤̯̰̣̆̓̓ͦ̋̚͞ŵͪ̽͒҉̴̞͚̦̞̹̜̗̞̕e̟͙͉͋ͣͨ͌̄̍ͧ̎e̮̺̩ͤ͒̂̔ͭ̈̑ͥn̥̠͍̺̲̝̭̮͑ͥ̅̑̆͡,̲͚̯̰̾͘͠ ̵̥͖̱̳̯̞̓̈̌̈̅̄͢ͅb͖̲̬͓̣̠͚̏̅͒̇ͭ̈́ự̪̖̭͖̓͂͊̃̂̑̈̊́͢ͅt͎̥͖̤͕̫̙̉ͥ ̶̪̮͆ͨͪ̀͊͒ͬ͗͐i̡̛̜̼̖̰̞̪͔̣̿̄̇ͫ̈͐ͅṯ̢̗̬̱͖̫͚̱̰̌͋̾̑̋̄̈́̒͢͝ ͍̮ͨͩͦ̿s̷̟̖͕̻̲̭͈̮̹̄̈́ͪ͛͘e̢͍̘̔̊̇̋̀̚ȩ̷̧͙̤̯͚́͊̀̊ͧͪṁ̥̺͚́ͥ̐͒͑̈́s̡̫ͬ ̧͓͎̹̘̦̲̈͌̉ͥ͟

e̫̝̗ͦ̌̎̌̓͠v̡̟͖̼͓̰̐̓̈́̅̓͊̏͞ȩ͇̾̀ͅr̼̳̥͓̘͔̦̳̘̒͒́y̅͐̿̏ͨ̐̍̅̍҉̢̞̗̗̤̼͚̕o̸̫̼̓ͮ͢n̷̹̥̣͗̔ͦ̇͊ͦ͆̕͟ė̡̥̫̥͐͌ͧ’̭̠̻̄ͯ̾ͨ̑͂ͨ̚ͅs͖̞̎͗̕͟ͅ ̴̥̙̳ͥ̊͑ͯ͜͞d̡̡͔̖͎̖̻̬ͥ̔̾ͧ̕o̭̞̤̼͂̓͌̌ͧͣͭ̕i̝͍̮̔ͤ̾͝ņ̦̺͉̞̼̏̅ͅg̼͔̬͙̮̳̺̮̓ͥ͗͐͆ͫ̓͘͠ ̵̗͇͍̆̈́̈̉ͩ͗̚t̸̳̩̼̬͇̭̒ͥ͠h̶͊҉̩͚̝ȁ̧̝̲̟̪̑t̖̜̽ͩ̅ͯͥ,̀̂̅͒͌̆҉̥̫͙̩͖̘̫͎̩ ̹̫̟̦̺̞͙̊͛̇ͩ̑ͥ̾̊́s̲̪̉̎ͨ̿̈ͮ͘͞o͒͏̨̥̜̞͈͝ ̵͐̏ͯ͗ͩ̃҉̨̮̲͓̞I͎̟̗̺̬͖͓̊͊̍̎̒̎ͬ̎͗͜͜ͅ ̴̢̘̤͖͉̰̒ͮ̆̓f̝͓̫͇̗̯̻̫ͥ̒̄̀ͩ̈͜i̵̬̖͓̣̪͋̔̇̽g̡̻̩͍̻̖̘̜͖̍̑̈́̌ͥ͠û̧͇̙͇̗͙̗͍̋̿͞r̈́̚͏͙̜̗̠̪̙͕͚͢e̥̙̪̯̗̝̦̤͂̏̔d̢̟͇͎͖̳̪͒͋͊ͬ̀ ̛̞̼͚̲ͣ̈͑̇͌Ỉ͉̤̠̦̖̳̥́ ̸̢͎̰̺̤͔̗̥̪̎̉̇s̞̗͕͋̿̚͘h͈͈̩͋̇ͭͫͥ̚o͚͔͉̹ͭ̀̄̏̌ͬ̏̍̕u̺͍̝̩̝̘̓̒̉̚͘l̨̠̙͚͉̣̲̐̌̽͋͠d̵̲̺̠̠̝̠̝̍ͤ̉͒͘̕ ̦̩̫̗͎ͯ̂͐̀̚t̮͖ͥ̐͐ͦ̕r̛͇͖̪̗̐̇̐ͮ̅ͪͪ̚e̪̠̪ͩͤ͢͞a̻̪̳̜͈̺ͯͩ̾ͫ̽̎̚dͨ͛̀ͥ҉͍͚̼̜̭͇̩̪ ̢͓͈̭̤̟̱̣͍̂̉ͬͭ̇̏̀a̵̐͋ͣͧ̈́̄̿̚͞҉̖̦͉͖̩ ̟ͤ͌ͧͯ͌ͣͩ̾ͦ̀͠͝d̠̬͇͖̥̤̪̲̋́̒ͤͦ̎ͦ̌i̧̳̠͗ͩ̽ͧ̏͢͟f̷͐ͬ҉̘̻f̶̲̦̪̎͘e̷͚̣̗̤̝͖̗̱͇̽̓ͥ̓̈̓ͨͧ̅͢r̢̝̹̟̖ͤ̊͊ͮ̔ͮͯ̀e͆̓ͬͮ̓͒̉ͭ̑́͏̺͎͙͕̳̜̤̻̰n̸̓̿̾̋ͥͭ̀͏͇͕̼͎t̛͍ͯ̈́ͭͤ̑ͯ̉̿ͥ̕ ̢͔̫̹̫͓̤̱̈̓̑̂͋p̛̳͉͖̦͓̺͕͎ͮͪ̂͑̀ͤą̱̲̱̤ͯ̊̄̂̄̚ṫ̷́̉̎͊ͥ͗͌͏͉̞͉̲h̫̺͉͛̒̌͊ͫ̕.̜̬̫̻ͣ͘͞ ͕̺̟̂ͬ̂̈́ͩ̑ͣ͘

B̥̪͚ͩ́͞ë̟̤̫̬́̏ͮ̃͑ͬ̂͂̔s͍͉̠̤͆̌̚͟͟i̡̪̥͐͆̊d̼͕̹͊́́̔̌͘e̢̹͔̭̟̞̙ͬ͐ͩ̀ṣ̛̤̬̞͓́̀͞,̈ͣ̅́ͩ͝͏͔̳̜͙̰̼͚ ͥ̇͠͏̻̱̖͖T̝̺̥̪̽̃ͥ͐ͪ͆̂͡a̩͕̠̹̔̃͌͊̚͟ͅͅį̩͔̟̖̭̪̟͋ͨͮ͆̑̉̈̐͢ḷ͇͕̭̗̟̗͖ͧͨ̀͢ͅs̝̝͙̜̤̋̐͋ͦ̕͢͠ͅ ̸̰̙̱̬͔̥̬̖̆͛̂̀D̛̠̥̮̲̹̭͎͎ͩ̐ͪͥ̚̚͟oͯ̓ͪ̅҉̡̜̼͇͖̰̗͇l̶̶̹͇̖̗̄͐̽l͚̰̩͇͉ͨͣ̿͗̅̏̕ ̢̬̹̭̳̊ͯ͊̀̐͌͞͡i͋ͭ҉̧͔͙̲͔̬͇̦͚͠s̢͕͔̼̞̫̅̾̎́ͦ͒͋͗ͨ ̭̹͉̩͙̐̎̎̓͗͝ͅf͕͙̟̭̲̥̪̍̏̎͟á̴̴̖̻̠̯̂̽̒ͥ̂͛̿r̶̰̯͑͋͘̕ ̡̇̋͒ͬ̑̅҉̬̫̰̠̜m̛̖͓̺̬͙̱̱̩̙ͥ̀͢o̖̳͈͗̆ͮ͜͞͝r̭̳̬̳͔̋̐̔͑̂͊ͧ̆͘e̲̪̬͚̗̙̱̽̒̂ͥ̚ ͈̼̲̯̰̔ͣs̻͔̣͇̠͓̙̍̂́͠c̞̥̗̱̦͉̱ͪ͒͐ͅaͫ͏̖r̝̟̖͕ͩ͋͐͑͑͋̀y͚̻̙ͬ̽ͩͯ̈́͘͠ ̶̸̨̣͕̱̫́͋t̶͓̳̞͂h̨̊̔ͦ͞ͅâ̧̛̹̝̱͙͓̗͍ͦͧͫͮͨͦn̢̧͌ͣ̈́͏̠͚̰̪̩͕͕͎ ̨̮̘̝͕̮ͥ̋̌ͯ̕w̴ͣ͂̏ͣͯ҉͔͓̱̠̪̗e̷̳̙ͭ͂ͧ͗̀̏̎r̨̰̙͉̭͌̇̅̇̍̌̅ͧ̕͞ê͉͕͍̪͚̞̰̦̤ͦ̎ͩ͝h͂͗̈̽̆ͬͯ̊ͤ҉̵̴̦͖ő͓͔̳ͩ̊̿̈́ͪͨ͂͋͜g̜̣̦̗̙͉ͭ̐̾̎̀͐͢ͅͅ ̳̱̲͔̾ͯ́̋̇̚ͅẉ̥͖͖̪̯̝̔̾͂̏̂̅ͩi̶͍͕͈͐̓ͩľ̿ͤ̿̓ͦ̃̐͏͉̟͔̹̫̰͜l̸̗̗̾̿ͧ̉͘ͅ ̡̝̱͕̰͈̆͒̅ͧ͑͡ͅͅͅe̸͉̦͇̋͟͠v̙̜̺̺͎̊͐͠e̴̹̩̓ͫͬ̋̓̽̇r̴̡̟̠̜̦̹͉̈̅͂̈ͬ͛̃̍ͅ ̨̲̹̈́̐͐ͧ̃̚̕b̨̨̮͉̥̼̘̹́ͭͬ̇͑̔ͨ͐͢e͉̬͔͗̆̚.̨̟͇̞͊͑͛̀̓̄͘͡

R̠̦͈̋̒ͤ͊̅̔ͬe̴͖͖ͯͤ̆́͗ͥͧ̆l̸ͯ̾҉̮̪̝͉͔̗̠ͅḛ̲̣͕͉͍̱̲̠͊a̦͔̩̣̖͋̿ͩ͒̎̀̕͝s̯͂̓̊ͦͦ͂̄̚͠ë͗ͮ̌ͩ̓͏̸̳̘̠͚̯̯͔͎͟d̵̝͇̝̜̜̲͉͛ͯͬͮ̋ ̷̷̵̬͔͕͉͓̣͇̞͑̑̈́ͩ͌̂́b̡̙̣̝̫̐͋͜͟ŷ̼̣̰̘̖̥ͧ̀̈́ ̡̣̖̓ͩͮ͌ͥ͜S̨̼͍͉̜ͪ̆̍̂ͭ̋ͩo̰̝̘̿͑̔͠f̲̙̖̮̞̝ͮͥͯ̾̔ͫ̏̍͘͜ţ̥̩̻ͧ͑͗̄̒ͫB̓͌ͫͯͫͧ͋͌͏̢̙̜a͎̱ͧ̔ͤ́̅̇ņ̶͍̥̣͉̝͉̹̖̾̃̄ͮ̊̄͛k͈͓̠̥̰͎͐͜ͅ ̘͎͈̞̂ͪ̉ͧ̚͟ỉ̻̳ͬ͊̌ͯͨ̄̕͘n̼̬̜͍̻̹̞̭̑̒ͪ̈́̂ͤ͘͡ ͔͙͈͚̲ͯ̆̄ͪͯ́́1̷̬̮̗̺͓̐̒9͓̦̲̍̋̒̂̓9̩͎̗̟͉͉̉͗͗͢7͙͔̪̝̯̳̝͕͚ͯ̌ͨ̉ͪ̄ͩ̚͝,̩̳̺̹̲̯̖̞ͮͪͥͥ̔̈́ͬ͠ ̥̱̞̬̥ͤ̒͛ͪͭ̄̚͞t̺̪͖̋̒ͥ̅͌̒̽h̛̠͉͔̯̖ͭ̾̔͒͛͞ȉ̬̹̳̲̟̭̻̱͈͗ͮͤ̃̂͜͠s̫̉̎ ̰̖͕̳̫̻̋̕͞g̴̢͖̥͕̭͓̯͑ͥ͊̌͆̏̚͜ṷ̡̨͎̲̯̖̪͍͗̈̇͑̏̃̇ï͓̦ͫ̅͂ͥ̐̎ͯd̞̭͓̦̖͇̩̩ͧͣ͒̚ͅe̞̜̒̅ͪ ̖͕̠͕͓͙͐̊͑͌̒͐́ͅh̸͉̝͓ͭ͋ͧ̑ͅą̛̖̭͇̲͇̉̈͝sͬ̃͛̈́̾̽҉͎ ̵̟̬͚͚̳͕̳̳̟̑̀̊̍̒̐ͪ͗1̼̖̝̦̟̬̦̦̎ͭ̋̇̈͌̕͠1̛͖̻͊̍̂1͎͕̖̬̗̰̩̇̇͑̏̍ͩ̅ͭ ̧̱͚̭̊̀p̨̰̤̣̙̰̬̆́ͫa̬̠͙ͮͬg̸̘̏́́̆͐̂͂̀͠e͈̯͑̆͜ͅs̖̅ͭͨͪ͑ͯ́͘͞ ̮̤͙̥͕̱̭ͪ̉̂͆̒̀̄͟a̧͔̥͕̺͇̿̇ͩ̔̐͝ṅ̘͎͉̦̹̹̉͗͑͊ͣ͛͞d͛̀̈̃̂͑҉͕̱̪͔̝̰ ̗̞̩ͬ͋̀s̍̽͏̵̦͎̯̱̰̰̙͡ȏ̶̫̼̠̯̏ͦ̂͟m̸̭̹̫̜̝͖̹̑̌͛͐̀̀ͅe͈̰̝̟͑͑̈̆ͩ́ ͇͎̳̭͖͍̪͈͖͌̏̈͝͡õ͇̬̤̮̋͆̉͗ͮ͝f̧͉̼͎̼̥͙̱̂͛̈̊͂ͩͩ̐ ̡͖͖̯̞̜͔̟̣̐̽̈̓ͮ̅͋

ṯ͙ͫ̒̀̐̒͗ͨ̚h̰̦̘̰͕̦̼̮̚e͍̠͇ͨ̾ͯ͜͟͞ ̷̴̬̝̾͂ͯͣ̃̽̊n̮̰̥̮̼̜̾ͩͬ͊̐i̟̬̬̟͓͙̱͕̔ͤͫ͝c͔̞̘͂̓̔̋̃ͦę̢̠͙̬̳̮̻̖̭̑ͫ̑s̡̬͎̘̭̼̍̅̍͌̑͞ͅͅt̡̡̡̗̣̠̼̥͇͔̽͐̐͊,̫̰̼̹̇͆͌̌̑̏ͯ ̲̠̙̦̑̓ͨͧ̎̅̄̚ͅc̯̱̙̺̬̋͑̋ͬ́̿̏̓͢͢ͅl̻̠̤̫̥̳̾̾͗͆̀e̋̈́̚҉͎͍̤̣͇́a̷̧͉̯͔ͫ̓̅̉ͦ͒̔̚͢n̴͎̺̫̻̟̫̱̹͈̔ͫ̐̔͗̑̒ͤe͇͓͕̱̒̽ͦs̢̲͌͗ͩ̀͘t̢͎̭̥͙̣ͯ̔ͧ̇͒ͧ̈̚ ̵͔̼̪̥̫̣̟̱̄̋ͬ̆̂̋̎̌̚͘͟ͅp̦̩͓̤͚̱ͣ̏͊ͯ͛͐̐͒̐r̛̹̬̳̭̣͗ͪͪ̕ớ̲̗͇̤͖̞͍͕̹ͮͣ͠͝m̸̙͈̬͔̦̞̈͊ͫ͗̌̉͐̄͢o̙ͦ̃͞ ̴̗̻̝͈̫̦̻̻̿ͧͧ͐a̙̲̟̬̗̺̼͊ͪ̀̓ͩ̄ͅr̖͕̜̠̣̪ͯͭ͆ͪ͑͠ţ̗̻̤̪̹̖̱̩͙̾͂ͮͯ̒̉̃ ̳̼̟͚͉̔̽̂̂͛I̺̰͑ͨ’̴͍̫̪̑͆̾́̚͟v̛̻͎̜̯̫̬̩̰̟̓̎̃̂͌̽̚͜ȩ̘͉̱̰̈̆͠ ̟̫͚̦̳̟ͮ̐̎̂̈̃͗̌͡ȇ̷̡̗͚͖̳ͫ͊̐̒̇̀̀v̯ͫ͒̾̅ͥ̂ͥ̓͡e̳̺̊ͨ̄̽̃̂̒r̢͎̅ͭͪ̔ͩ̋͢ ̨̱̫̩͚̥͍̲͂ͥ̀̌͂̐ͧͬ͘͞s͎͚̭̩͐͂͛̍́e̢̛ͯ̔͂҉̜e̱̪̲̼ͥ͑ͧ̍̂ͫ͛n̡̤̾͗.̶͚ͤͮ͛̓ͧ͝͠ ̆҉̴͖̼͔̠̦͍̫͟I̷̘͇͕̤ͭͤ̇t̞̗͎̟̝͙̺̉̂̈̽͞ ̑҉͓̳̩̭͙̫ͅͅḩ͔͖͉͇̳̽ͫͨͅa̵̛͚̪̘̜͈͋͡s̸̨̙̥̫ͥ̏̓̾ͧͤ̍͐ͅ ͛̾͆͂̀̈̍͏͖͖͉̮͔̰̺r̢̮̠̟͉̣̹ͣ̐̌͑̽̂͢͢e̸̶̠̬̰̬̠̳̭̥ͧ͛ä̶̹̪̩̪̺͓̰̈̾͋l̷̷̯͈̼̼͎̫ͤͅl͖̼̳̜̎ͣ̈́̏͗͝ý̸̵̰̥̗͓̜̾ͨ̅̄͆̔̆̚ ͎͇͕̈͒͝g̢̊ͨ͛̉͑͗͏̫̖̯͕̘ő̶̢̪͍͊ͤ͑r̵͇͔̦̠̳͙͙͉ͬ̆̽ͤ̅͗ģ͚̟̖͇̪͕̠͑͐̓ͣ̕̕e̽͐̀̆̈̚̚҉҉̴̟̼̝̜͇ǫ̻̪̗̮̲͔͍̹̎̉̈́ͦ̀u̯̦͙̫͔ͦ̑ͮ̓̾́̇͐s̩͍̲̯̙̠͖̹͂̓ͬͩͦ̀ ̪͇͙̝͋͑͗ͯ̃̋̃͡

m̵̺͓̙̝͂ͩ͋̃̃ͩ̆̏̈ã̜͉̩͓̰͎̻̭̈ͣ̓̋̏́́͢ͅp̻͎̻̺̗̤̳ͨ͂̽ͪs͚̭͖̜͚̥̲͚̘͒̇ͫ͗ͧ̏̚ ̣̲̲̺͈͔͕͑͟o̜̭͔̔f͈̺̩͒̂̾̓ ̍̅͂͂́̈́͒͏̶̧̙̠͖̣͔̥̫e̸̢̗̹ͯ͗̔ͥ̾̾̐̃͜a̽ͪ͏̳͟c͉̥̠̪̹̣͈̫̿̃̐͛ͦͪ̾͋̕h̼͕̹̲̥̞͋ͮ́ͧ͒̉ͤ̚͞͡ ̶̴͖̼͎ͬ́ͪ̂c̶̢̳̩͓̦̪͚̗͈̎͗ͫ̄̔͜ọ̺͔͙̠̫ͣ͊͛̔u͈̔̓ṟ̸̢̼ͣ̓ͧ͒̓̽̄̔̃s̷̢̜̺͖͗̂ͣ͊͊̔̉́è̌̇̎ͦ͋̍ͤͦ͏̴͈̳̺̬͎̘ͅ ͉͈̯͇̤̰̰͙̙͛̔̈̓̿͑t̸̶̞̰̜ͫ̌̂̚h̫̦̥̍̃̇͊̏͆̕ǎ̵̲̞͈͔̹͗ͅṯ̡͓̟͓̗ͧ̑̄̑͜͠ ͙̫̬͔̯͈̳̠̓ͯ̒̂ͧ̓̚ẅ̧̬͖̣̪͎̳̜́̇̾̍̎ͫ͘ḯ̧̜̹̻̜͍͍̇̽̈ḷ̴̫͍͍̟͍͓͗ͦ̎̓ͤͪ̾̓ͦl̶̶͓̯͉ͦ̀͜ ̴̸͔͙̳̔ͧͤ͆͞ͅͅc̡̞̞̹̯̙͇̰͉̃̓͆́l̶̥͓̯̺ͦ̈́͐̉̅ͮe̩̼͇̟̯̙̰ͪ͛̅͢͜͝a̳̗͔̝͙ͤ̄̅͡͡r̨ͮ͏̜̭l͇̣̳͇͐ͯͯ̅͆̓͋͛y̡͙̤̘ͭ͊̐ ̵͈͙̩̹̘̎̾̅̌͆ͤ̓͒̊ͅt̴̫̻̟̙̼̮̤̄͊ͦ͟e̗̹̗͈̖̟ͮ͂ͤ̚l͕̳̖̩̘͙̓̐̈̅͆ͯ̊ḽ̸̨̮̒̈ͦ͂ͨͮ̇͢ ̸̦̮̰̳̀̓̉̋ͫ̏ͪ͡ý͈̤͗̓̎̚ͅȍ͉͇̪̭̈́̾͞͞ṷ̷̴̘̱͓͍̘͒̄͛͒ͤ ̵͈̮̻͚̣̯̼ͧ̅̅͟ͅw̦̖̗̖̩ͬ͂̏̎͝͞h̶̴̬̪͔̫̽̇͗ͨͭ̏̐e̦̺͍̙͚̜̮̊̉͗r͇͈͚ͣ̾̊͗ͪ́͘e͙̥͕̽̿ͧ͋͑ ̡̮͎̦̾̑̄͠t̩̲́ͨ̂ͩͣ̆o̱̭̟͉͇̼̜̭͓ͭ ̼͉͚̪̦̦͙ͥ̂̓̇ͪͥ͞͝f̧̢̟̗͍͔̠̳̃̾̌̑̋̅̊ͮỉ̛̩̞̲͔͔̫̗̭̑n̶͙͇̪̭͎͕̺͚ͯͧ͢͡d̵̢͖̦̙̫̰̺̺͉ͤ̉̌̆͛ͯ͡ ̌ͣͣ̇͏̖̞̳a̶̍͊̓҉͙̣̗͎̣̖l̔̿̕͏̼͔̠̳̯l̫̗̳̙̱̟̬̙͈͒͑ ̨̺̱̜͒͒ͩͭ̿ͯ͡ó̓ͭ̐̂̾͏͓̙̣̙f̰̞̟̖̪ͫ̄̕͝ͅͅ ̞̲͓̏̍̔̊͠t̢͉̜̫̦̺̯́̔͒̑͑̃h̼̙̥̩̱͈ͤ̉̎ͦ͑̈́͂̒̍ȩ̷̧̠̱̥͉͚͈̳ͨͯ ̴̘̞͔͈͑̇̃̉̅ͤ̓̈́̕i̤̪̳̖ͯ̅̚͝t̵̖̩̬̪̟̞͆̑͘͢e̫̞̪͉̟̔ͩ͐͜ͅm̛̫̳͕ͨ͌ͨͫͩ̆͗ș̡͚͓̥̝͓̣̹ͩ͆̇ͨ

,͉̻͋ͩ̕ ͣ̎̒͗͏҉̯͍͖̭s̼̦̩͉̻̀́͊̆͟͠h̴̫͔͙̰̱̥̟͇̽̓̅̓͊͝o̴̼̼̮̻͙̖̪̪͎̊̒ͥ͑͊͛̋̍r̅ͫ̉̽̿͂͌͏̬ţ̸̹ͨ̒͟cͦ̑̀҉̯̬̥͚͈̯͈̲û̢̙̱̼͚ͫͤ̈ț͓̳̟ͫ̾̈́ͤ́͟s̜ͤ̒̂ͯͪͫ̚͟,̻͚͓͈̄ͅ ̢̝͇͉̹̊͐̽̔ͪ̑ͥaͮ̒̀͘͡҉̜̳̟̼͙̟̪͈n̷̷̥̰̹̹̍͆ͯͨd̸͓̱͕̩̠̪͖̟̙͒̈́ͤͧ ͓̳̞̼ͦ̿̿̾͊ͣ̂̉͡d̴̗̭͓͑̎ͪ̈̒͠͠ͅe̴̛͓̞̟͎͕̗̞̭̐͒ͤ̋ͨ̿̆̄͞ͅt̖̭̼͖̙͖̊̒͊̋̚ĕ̳͍̖̟͈̥̮̀̀͝r̵̢̛͈̣̻̪̃m͕̬̒ͮ̊̆̚͘i̘̟͔̻͇̬̥̗̲̒ͥ̌ͦ̀ͥ̽͝ň͉͕̺̜̲͖́͘ḗ̵̗̪ ̵̨̝̤̯͓͂ţ̤̲̭̟̮̝̪ͭ̀ͨ̒ͥ͗͛̎h̶̻̪̲̏̑̋e̷̥͓͕͈̤̬͍ͥ͊̎̚͟ ̸͙̺ͮḅ̴͇̤͐̽̇ͥ̎é̡̲̱̙̝ͣ͌́s̫̳̬ͥͤ̉̾͌͑́ṫ̵̜͓̮̬̓̃̀̈ͥ̾́ ̰͖̭͑͂́̚̕ͅr͚̣̱ͨͤͤ̐̔͆͗ͤ̀͡o̟̜̝̻̞ͯͦ̚ͅṷ̸̸̥̱̭̖̖̙͋̈́͂ͬ͋́̾ţ̖̘̱̼̯̂̐̊ͫ͞e͌̅͗̚҉͏̣s̗̺̜̭̟̤ͥͪ̐͒̒̿́,̇͆̂ͭͤͧ̍̂̒͏̺̯̝͓̕ ̮̠͕̺̓ͮͥ͌̉ͤb̫̣̪̖̤̘ͭ̿͘͜u̒̆҉͉̹͔t̮͈̪̠̃ͦ̓̓̃̈̈́͡ ̸̨̨̻̹̳͔̤͉͗̋ͩ͂ͅh̸̻̩͎͌͊͗̃̒̍ͮͅo͔̼͈̻ͥͨ͐̄̅̄̄ͦͅn̸͎̥̦̫͎ͬ͋͡ệ̙̳̹̤ͭ͐͋̄̆͒͝ͅs̸̺̜͔̱ͬͮ̏ͪͦ̎ţ̪̣̙̥ͨͪ̐͋̅̄l̛̥̣͋͗ͤͥ͆̾͗͐ͪy̞̞̮͊ͩ̆ͪ̄̄ ̖̘̹̹͎ͦͮI̧̟̭̎ͬ͆̀͝’̘̻̩͉̲̳̃͑̋̎͝d̨̻̤͐͌̂͑̕ ̸̧͍͓͚̰͎̻͈ͣͣj̙̮ͨ͌̽ủ̸̺̘̱̪̊́ͯ̀͠ͅs̫̦̐̊ͦ̂t̡̰̠̭̪̞̫̘̾̍ͫ͐̈́ͯ ͍̤͚̜̠͍̋̓͐͛̀ͅg̖̦̮̫̩̰̩̰̠̿͑̂͊̾̍͝eͧ͛͋͘͟҉̮ͅt̢͈͖̃̃͗ͨͯ͐̄ͮͭ̀ ͤ́҉̸̥̱͍͔ḭ͎͛̿̎̓̆̌͝t̪̻̤̫̽̉͊̄̃̑͢͠ ̜̟͚̬͎̭̎̊̐̂͢f̢͕̝̻̪̟̟̥̥͎̂ͤͤͮͬ̈́͠o͙̠̤̣͛̓͡r͕͓̪̺̓̃ͩͬͧ̏̚ ̵̵̢̮̂

t͕͈͎̥̦̙̬͑͂h͎̰̙͎̰ͧ̉ͬ͆̃͒ͦ̚̚̕ȩ̢̛̜̬̣͈̭̓ͅ ͖̪͕͇̥̰͓ͬ̔ͬ͌̃ͬa̡͈̰ͥ̏̊͡r͉͚̯̘̹͙̲̍̐͂͑̌ͮt̷̻̫͓ͤ̊̓̾ͅw̸̨͎̯͕̒̎́̍͑ͩ̉ǫ̢̻̺̫̻̜̖̟ͮͦ̀ͫ̿̂r̗̬̣͍͌̉̋ͯ͝k̴͖̜̿̍̈̓̐ͫ͡ ͙̜͚̠̭̋ͥ͋̚͘e͓͍͈ͯ̊̿̌̄ͯ͜͟͢v̴͔̮̟̦͚̪̗̹̌̂ͣe̥̦̯ͬ̎̅̍͠͠n͕͋̌̎ ̨̻͍̖̿̔ͤ̂͂ͨ̑͊͞i̛̻̫̇̿ͤͯ͊̿ͦ͌͢f̭̪̱̮̤̻͋̋ͩͮ̏͌̀̆͠ ̴̪̠̪͙͓ͨ͊̿͆ͥ̀͟͞i̵̝̮̗͔͈͙̞͔͖͋̊t̤̣̬ͫ͛̄͛̐̈̍ͪ̌͟ ̙͚̦̟̲͍̓ͭ̅d̥͚͙̯̗̮̠̝̿̓ͮ̍̌ͯ̀i̛͙͍͍̾̆͋ͥ̾̓͐́͘d̹͕͔̳̰̆͐͘ͅn̨̘̫̣͖̜̜͙̭̑͡’̵̘̱͎̱̼̤̌͑͒̂ͮ͝t̩͙͖̤͛ͫ͐̅.̺̱̏̎̾ͫ̑ͤ̇̅͝

̱̙̭̜͍̬̪̈́ͬ̐͢ͅF̮̞̖̑̊͆̌͒ͫͣu̩̞̣̿̅̈͛͗͋͌̕͠n̪̙̯̘̪̞ͧ̍̈́̇ͬ ͓͔̺̞͎̣͕ͥ̅͊́f̶͎͇͔͑͋̋̕ä̶̛͍̮͇͖͔̓ͩͫͬ̔͂͡c̷̷̜͕͍͖͈̘̉ͬ̍ͦ͘t̢̍̉ͫ̅҉̴̯̟̬̻̺̖͚̼̙:̙͓̦̙̯̩̤͖̔́ͭͨ̃̎́́ ̧̜̘̹͙̋͊̋͜Í̧̬̭̞̭̣ͯ̓ ̙̋ͬ̅̔̏̑ͩͨt̛̛̩͙̯̤̥͓̲̔ͮo̧̨̘̭̜̓ͤͭ͡o͚̰̓ͩ̔ͯ̒k̷̪͓̙͇͕̪ͧ͢ ̷̢̙̩̽̒̿͗͆͆ͨt̸̛̯̜̥̰̦̏́̑̋͐̚h͊͛̋̓ͯ̕҉̠͔̦ę̰͍͓͇̮̞̞̈́̈́͆͜ ̯̲̟͎̝͈̥̩̇ͩͥp̘̩ͨ̈̆ͮi̢̬͍͇̱̞̮̯͑̑̒̅̓͑͘͞c̘̊̾̋̀̂ͩ͂̀t̨̻̬̟̻̱̜̖͕ͪ̃u̲͕͙͓̙̹ͪ͂͒ͅͅr̨̼̠ͯ̌͛͋̀ͦę̴͚̣̝͙̫̙̺̗̎͛ͪ̓͑͌̂̈̉s͐ͦͬͪ̆͊̈́̾͟͏͈͇͚̹̹͇̲͍̖ ̯̹̗̜͎̈ͦ̒ͫ̄̄̽́̕f̞̝ͪ̕͢ͅơ̈́ͨͣ͐̋ͬ̽҉̣̖̗̦̖͉r̨̯̄̅̂̏̀͘ ̨̛̞̜͚̘̘̈́ͧ̚ṯ̷͚̩̪̰̩̱͔̑̔ͬ̆͆̉̅̉͝ḩ̲̙̳̹̙̔̈́ͅi̶̡̥̜͍̳̮̭͇̿ͯ͝s̸̲̘̘̩̠̤̯̩̒̈́͛͊̀̽͗ͩ̚̕ ̮̹ͧ̄ͩͩ͌ͥ͐ͦp̃̐͒̔ͣ̉ͧͤ͏̶͙̝̟͚̤̦̦͡ͅŏ̭̪͙͓̔͂͒̃̏̊̑͢s̢̫̠͈͖̋ͨͭ̀̚ͅt̨̼͈͍͛͂ͭ̽ͬ̾̚ ̸̡̟̑͊͛ͧ̀̉̐a̡̨̘̥ͯ͊ͤ̓͆͌̉̐̎l̴̡̫̜̞̦̄͌l̡̮̰̞̙̳̺͕͋̈ͨͨ͛̋̔͘͞ ̧̛͈̜́ͩ̄ͩ͘t̯̤͚̼̝̘͉ͧ̒̕͞h̵̺͎̟̘͕̼͉ͥ̄̅ͮ̍͘ͅe̖̫͎̪̱͕ͯ̏̓̄̋̇̓͠ ̲̳̥̠̱̮̌̓̉͆͊͛͋͌̀w̶̳̣̠̣̪̼̟̗̅̊̔ͪ͠͠a̪̥̭̹̲͈̗ͥ̽ͤ͗̏̅̍ÿ̼͍̪̹̹͍̟́ͭͨ̄͌ͨͭ́̚̕ͅ ̲͖̝̱͇̳̖̱͍̊̔ͪ̔ͤ̾̒͊͢͠b̢̬̗͊ͦ̀͗ȧ̏͊̇͐҉̧̘͈̬̗̠̱̝̼͢c̷̢̢͎͚̩̮͚͉̘̣̩̏̏̔̊ͯk̃̊̆̏͑̽͏͓̻͟ ͎͙͉̗̼̠ͣ͝ͅĭ͉̫͔̙̐̉̌̆͊́n̫̺̼͖͓̬͔͈̔͒́ͅ ̶͎̯̮̤̗̦̍̈́͠A̶̪̩̼͖͖͉̱̝ͨ̓͌̋p̧̪̪̲̫̻̝̻͔̮ͥͬͯ̾͟r͔͔͉̦͇̼͈ͫ̚ͅĩ̷͓͙̭͓̰̠͍̥͚̑̅͂̄̏ͥͩ͝ḻ̲̘̣̔͜͞,̧̳͙̤̜͖̼̇ͤͤ ̖̭̰̯͕̒ͤͧ̍͊͌b̗̲̘̭̤͐̿̽̎̀͢ǔ̴̧͕̫͉̯̭̮͕̿ͪͨ̽̄̕t̞̥̙ͦ̉̐͞ ͉͓̬̺̌͌͋͘

d̶͓̻̘͍̜͇̙̤ͨ̉͆̂̀ͥe̛̪̻̟̞̺̩̬̮̎̐ͭͨͦ̓̀ͅc̲̦̲̘͊͋͋̂͒̄ͨi̫͍̤ͦ̀̀̑̀̊͠͝d̷̩̘̼͉͓̤̝͌ͥͩ̄͂ͧ̊̀͘e̬̹̩͙̪̤͋̆ͮͫ̈́̍̀͞d̜̱ͯ̈̀͢ ͍͇̞̟͙̮̀̐̃̑̑ͯ͑̔́t̵̵̵̲͎͍͉̋́̔͋ͪō̸͕̲̪̺͕̤̑́͒̉̈ͤ͠ ̡͌̂̾͏̦̖͚́h̶̸̹̰͍͙̐̑ͪͪ̒o̵̠̘͎͔̰̯̎ͥ͂l͓̣̎͐̾̚͟d̶̘̤̆̔̎ͬ ̹̮̈́ͩ͗͐̈́̀̚̚͡o͙͉̜̝̺̩̼͍̒́ͮ̽̅̇ͨ̄́͟f̺̲̣̩̦͎̚̕ ̵̵̹̰̭̘̺̳̲́̃̈́ͦ̌͌̔̓͜ͅͅu̢̠̲̙̭̯̓ͯ̅̑ͮ̄́́s͚̫̼ͯͫ̉͛̓i̷͇̖̺̭̝̗̝̋ͩͭͤ͘n̯͓͔̲͋ͧͣ̏̎g̴̮͈̞͕͔̐́̓̽͛̈́͛̊ ̶͉̜̝̦͈̗̻̾̑̄ͯͨ͜͝t̠̱͔̠̳͉̬̎̍͝h͇̥̪͕ͥͫ̍͠e͚͙͓͔̫͓͇̟ͥ͆m̸̅ͮ҉͓̙̗͖ ̴̱̝͇͈͉̉̓̚͢ḅ̠̭̙̙̳̞̲̓͒̓̂ͫ̕͘e͒̋͛̓̂ͦ̓̋͏̠͚͉͡c̓͛ͭͫ̌̚͏̼͍͖͉̯́a̸͔̦̼̭̻̠͈̋̐̏̋́ͅu̶̻̜̤̜͕̜͙̹̓ͯ͝s̴͓̹ͩ̏ͧ̔̉e̟̣̹̟̼̎̈̀̐̅͐̃͋ ̦̳̗̲̅͌͗͑ͨI̵̸̝ͬ̓ͫ͋͊͑̍͊ͧ ̨̢̙͕̜̲̩͇̗̫̃̈́̃̈͗͠d̬̻͐̂ͩ̿̔̃̽̕͘͡i̸̪̯̣͖͇̙̓̒͠d̛̥͍̘̬̉́n̷̸̯̬̦̳̐̍̍ͤ͆̅ͥ’̇̐҉̫̲̣͇͕̭͜t̷̰̯͚̠̻̱̳ͬͧͯ͊̌̿̆̂́͡ ̴̢̫͇̮͂ͪ̉͗́w̡͖͖ͯ̈̽̀ͧ̀̚̕a̴͕͈̺̞̤̐̆̍̒̊̾n̶̮̥̫ͬͣ̍͋̀͒̅͊͞t̡̖ͪ̊͆̾ͪ̒͂ͨ́͜ ̞̱͐̿́͌̚t̖̖̭̝̮̤̱ͮ̀̌͌̚o͈̱͖͎͔ͦ́̀̓͒̽ͪͅ ̧̌̿ͥ͐̂͑͏̤͙̠̗̻̝w̟͙̘̗̟̻̺ͨͭͫ̊ͤ̄͆a͙̘̘̲̠͎ͫͦ̓͒͟͞s̡̬͕͓̟̞̹̉̌̒̌̐͑ţ̳̳͐́̿̈́̂͂͛̿͢e̴̷̖̥̫̘̻͔͋ͬ̑͆ͭ̌ͤ̓͊ͅ ̢͍̻͙ͣ͌ͬ̈́ͪ͟a̭̯̤̱͎̿̒ͭ͊̈ͩ̽͌ͭ͟ ̵̞̼͈̻̖̏̀̑͊̆̋̎͗T̙̎̂̆͂͋ͣ̽͋̀͘a̹̎ͪ̈̓ͯ̋͢i̵̴̺̱̬̮̩̮ͨ̃ͦͨl̷̵̛̝̟̮̖̊̓ͯͥͬ̍͐s̤͍̙̬̝̹̯̄̿͑̏͂̿͢ ̼͈̳͖̖̓ͯ̍̋̔ͯͭ̈D͈͖̓̊ͮ́͟o̷͉̰̞͔̦͓͍ͭ̿͡ͅl̸̘̻̂͐̀͜l̡̎ͥ̋ͣ̇͌̉̊͏̖͔͉̝͉̖͙̺


SatAM Sonic Burger King Toys

In honor of the fact that the SatAM cartoon series recently had its 20th anniversary, I’ve decided to post something super obscure. Very, very few SatAM items exist, and of the ones that do, they’re almost always related to the core protagonists. That makes these two items particularly special in my eyes.

These two pieces were produced by Burger King in 1998, presumably to go with their kids meals. As far as I know, this was only done in Europe. It surprises me that they were made so late in the 90’s, considering that SatAM ran from ‘93 to ‘95. I suppose it’s possible that they were related to Sonic Underground instead, but I don’t know enough about the series to make an assertion.

In any case, they’re 2D stands of Cluck and one of the main patrol robots in Robotropolis (screenshots provided for those not familiar with the series). Since I can’t see these items being much of a toy on their own, my hunch is that they’re mean to be literal set pieces for the action of the ‘real’ toys included with the meal. They’re kind of a bizarre choice, since fast food Sonic toys have always favored the games, but I just think that makes them all the more interesting.

Sonic Adventure Promo Eraser

According to what I was told by the person who sold this to me, this eraser was part of a set of four. The other characters were Sonic, Tails, and a chao, and the set was released to promote the original Sonic Adventure in 2000. I’m not sure if it was a free giveaway item or something sold in stores, so no clue on the price. What I can say is that I got this particular item for $10. I also can’t say where in the world it was released, just that it was made in China.

The amount of detail in this eraser is really impressive, considering that it’s barely over an inch tall. It’s even balanced enough to be able to stand on its own, as can be seen in the pictures! I find it to be particularly noteworthy, since typically when something like this can stand, it’s because it’s been designed to be thick and stocky.

(My apologies for the occasional discoloration; this item came covered with a ton of sticky splotches that I carefully scraped off with an X-acto knife. The spots came off, but the eraser underneath was stained in some places.)

Sonic Promotional Stationery Items

You know, I could’ve sworn these things were made by Topps, but according to the info on the back they were produced by a company called Borden in 1993. As indicated by the logo on some of the items, they were intended to promote the release of Sonic 3. The top 8 items are temporary tattoos, the middle 8 are stickers, and the bottom 3 are pencil toppers. The first two sets are complete, while I’m missing 5 from the last.

I think these items are an interesting mix, because there’s no solid consistency in the art style among them; the company basically took whatever official art they could find and put it to use, regardless of whether or not all of the pieces matched. Regardless, I’m particularly happy that Knuckles made it into this mix, as this was at the time of his debut, meaning that he was a particularly rare find.

The lower left-most sticker of Tails is by far the cutest picture of him. If you disagree, you are wrong.

EDIT: These items were prizes found in CrackerJack boxes! Thank you to MummyShark for jogging my memory, as not being able to quite place where they came from was driving me nuts.

Small Vintage Sonic the Hedgehog PVC Figure

You know, there’s really not that much I can say about this one in terms of its origin. All I know for certain is that it was made in 1992, based on the copyright info stamped onto the back of his head. Beyond that — where it was made, why it was made, how much it sold for (if at all) — I don’t know for sure. My hunch is that this figure is Japanese, since I never saw anything like this in the states when I was a kid, but that’s really just a best guess.

In any case, the figure is about 2” tall, and interestingly enough the blue paint has sort of an iridescent sheen; I’d go so far as to say that this paint is better suited to a Metal Sonic figure than Sonic himself. I also think the physical design is interesting, because it was common in the 90’s for Sonic figures to be directly modeled after his stock poses, and this one clearly is not.

This was a gift from a friend of mine to cheer me up after my cat died last winter. I thought it was a really kind gesture, and I always promised myself I’d feature it on this blog some day.

Sonic the Hedgehog Remix CD

Holy crap, sorry for the silent period. I only just noticed the other day that I hadn’t posted all month! I’m so sorry! I guess I’ve been really swept away in this writing apprenticeship. To make up for it, let’s post something that you guys can enjoy yourselves!

This CD, which is literally called “Sonic the Hedgehog Remix,” was released in 1994 and is mostly composed of remixed versions of Sonic CD music. It only has 8 tracks, but they’re 8 REALLY good tracks. I don’t know how much this soundtrack originally sold for, but I feel lucky to have it, because I’ve often seen it on eBay for around $150.

One thing that I particularly like about the packaging is that it has a lot of art that I’ve never seen anywhere else. I’m especially partial to the picture on the back of the cover insert. Part of me is surprised that these images are more well-known, but given how rare (and apparently expensive) this disc is, I suppose not many people have even gotten to see them in the first place.

If you want to listen to the music on the disc, I’m pretty sure they’re all available on YouTube, but in particular I looked up the track Brand-new World for you guys. It’s a new rendition of the song Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, and I know a lot of you guys love that song, so I thought you might enjoy it~

Sonic Adventure 1 Promotional Pin Set

This is one of those items that I never thought I’d end up getting, because it’s so highly sought-after and often goes for well over $100. I only managed to get it because a complete newbie to eBay was selling it, and apparently no one was willing to take the chance that it could be a swindler, so I was able to sneak under the radar and win with barely a fight.

As can probably be discerned just from looking at it, this set was released to promote the first Sonic Adventure in 1998. It was available exclusively in Japan, and as far as I know, it wasn’t available for retail sale. I’m not completely certain on what was the method of getting this set, however. It seems too nice to have been given away with the game, so maybe it was something available to Sega employees. If anyone knows for sure, feel free to drop me a line so I can update this article.

This set celebrates the redesigns of the pre-existing characters and welcomes in the two newcomers to the team. The design also reinforces the game itself, as it’s reminiscent of the character select screen for the campaign mode. It’s a great companion piece to what is arguably one of the best games in Sonic’s history, and the one that brought the series into a new era. It’s also nice to see Amy get some recognition, as it’s often incredibly difficult to find merchandise of her despite her long history with the series, and it’s even nicer to see Gamma get any attention at all. Including this pin, there are only like 3 products of him that I can think of (the other two being a jumbo plushie and an action figure).

I’d like to point out that, as a collector, I’ve seen a shit ton of Sonic pins out there, and many of them are really jacked up. There are some pins that have bad art, bad detailing, or just an overall bad design. Some of them were made to promote specific products or events, and some of them were just made to grab a quick buck. There are lots of nice pins out there, too, but they’re sort of scattered amidst the sea of cheap and lazy pins. The fact that this pin set super-accurate to the official artwork makes it enough of a stand-out on its own, but going a step further and putting it in a nice case with the game’s logo emblazoned on the front takes it above and beyond.

Sonic the Hedgehog Vintage Patches

Hello again, everyone! I’m sorry this blog went quiet for a while, and it was mostly due to school work. I’m on vacation this week, however, so I decided to return with a bang!

These patches are all from the early 90’s, mostly between 1991 and 1993. The large one was released alongside a really nice leather jacket (which bears the same patch on its back), and the others came out as various promotional items. The “Sonic Sports” patch is the only one I have no background on, both regarding when it was released and what it was for. I think there are two more that go with the line of smallest ones, and I believe there are a handful that go with the round one of Sonic and Amy. I actually have pictures of them all in one of my guide books, so I’ll be sure to take a picture of it for you guys when I get to that!

I’m a little annoyed at myself for not getting the other two small patches, because they were all available at once and I didn’t realize they were a full set at the time; I just aimed for what I could afford. Once I realized I missed out, I was kicking myself. Even so, I’m exceptionally pleased that I have not one, but two patches featuring both Sonic and Amy. Amy is often a difficult character to track down, so she’s always a treat in my collection.

There are other patches floating around the world of Sonic collectibles that I did mean to accumulate first before making this post, but they’re all fairly recent releases, so I decided to post this batch alone to keep the theme vintage. If I manage to snag more, I’ll do a follow-up post with a modern set!

Sonic the Hedgehog Gift & Phone Cards

Since this blog’s been quiet for a little while, I decided to update with a group of items instead of just one. Here, have 9 cards!

I actually really enjoy acquiring phone and gift cards featuring Sonic, even more than I enjoy regular trading cards. They’re sturdier and much rarer, so it just makes them all the more squee-inducing. Or maybe that’s just me. It’s hard to tell when I’m my only frame of reference.

In any case, these cards came from lots of different sources, and from all over the world, ranging form Europe to Australia to Singapore. (Exact origins and years can be found in the caption for each photo.) As far as I know, none of these cards have any value; I actually checked with the Verizon one, as it arrived in the mail attached to its original gift pouch with “$100” written on the back. Sadly, the package lied to me. Just as well, I suppose, since I don’t even have Verizon to begin with.

I know that there are more gift cards featuring Sonic out there in the world (I specifically know that more Japanese phone cards exist), and if I can ever accumulate more, I’ll make another post like this one. Enjoy, everyone!



Decided to reblog this from my personal blog to commemorate the crossover coming out this month. It’s Non-Sonic Sunday anyway, so why not?



Decided to reblog this from my personal blog to commemorate the crossover coming out this month. It’s Non-Sonic Sunday anyway, so why not?

This blog has over 100 followers! Thank you so much for everyone that’s come along for the ride, whether you’re actively following or just liking/reblogging posts! I’m really happy that we can all share this stuff together!
I was wondering what to do to celebrate, and the only idea I have is to maybe make a video where I go through one of my boxes of Sonic crap. Any thoughts/better ideas?

This blog has over 100 followers! Thank you so much for everyone that’s come along for the ride, whether you’re actively following or just liking/reblogging posts! I’m really happy that we can all share this stuff together!

I was wondering what to do to celebrate, and the only idea I have is to maybe make a video where I go through one of my boxes of Sonic crap. Any thoughts/better ideas?

Sonic the Hedgehog Medical Scrubs Shirt & Jacket

Admit it, you wouldn’t have been worried about going to the doctor or dentist near as much if they’d been wearing this.

Released by Cherokee in 1992, these two items are made of a 50/50 polyester and cotton blend, and both feature two pockets in the front. I’m really only mentioning this for the sake of completion, however, because none of you are reading this paragraph; you’re all too busy oogling the custom artwork that was made for these garments.

Honestly, I think it’s really awesome that they went the extra mile and made special artwork specifically for these pieces. I don’t even care that some of them are just edited official art. It would’ve been really easy for them to just stick standard images all over these tops and call it a day, but they took the time to tailor the theme specifically to medicine — and they even branched out what TYPE of medicine, as these scrubs work for general care, optometry, and dentistry. And I can’t stop giggling at Sonic’s little hat in the ambulance image.

Now, the big question surrounding these two pieces is, did they make a matching pair of pants as well? I can’t give a definitive answer, but my hunch is that it’s unlikely. Whenever I’m in a department store and I see a rack of scrubs, I see lots and lots of licensed character shirts, but just solid color pants. It is possible that Sonic-themed scrub pants do exist in the world, but until I see it, I’m not going to be awake at night wondering why I don’t have them.

Posted by request for Sonic-mun. I hope this cheers you up a bit!

A complete set is available on eBay right now for not a lot of money. Now’s your chance to get it it while you can!